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1. What kind of bike do you want?

CX racer? All-season commuter? Something else? This discussion outlines your goals, including picking details such as wheel, tire size, and brake type.


2. Personalized fitting session

With goals in mind, a personalized fit session finds your ideal balance between comfort and power. Like going to a tailor for a bicycle frame, it’s designed to fit you.


3. Design and construction

Riding style and fit measurements inform a new frame design, developed digitally. Full-scale prints are used to hand build the frame in Chicago.

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4. The end result

Fillet brazed steel construction, lugged bottom bracket, internally routed cables. Choice of a single-color powder coat with matte black graphics. Ritchey carbon fork and Cane Creek headset are included. Upgrade options: +$300 Enve Fork, +$130 Chris King Headset, full bike builds start at +$1000 with a SRAM Rival group-set.

2019 frame set cost (includes tax): $2000

Interested? Questions? Send a message. A $500 deposit gets you started. Each frame takes about a month to turn around from when the materials arrive. Depending on how many frames are in the queue, the wait could be longer.

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